The availability of free internet

Communication is a paramount aspect for the existence of all individuals in the globe. In the modern age, the key instrument in communication is the internet. The internet has made it efficient and cost-effective for individuals to communicate instantly in every part of the world. The internet consists of an international structure that is connected to multiple computer systems. These computers utilise a standard Internet Protocol that is also used by other multiple individuals globally. This means that the internet structure is made up of a configuration of networks that contain secret information that pertains to businesses, academic institutions, governmental institutions and international organisations. All these are connected by extensive collections of electronic, optical and wireless networking technologies. Almost all nations in the globe use the internet to exchange news, data and opinions about different emerging issues.
A research carried out in 2011 revealed that an average of 32.7% of the global population uses the internet. This figure is 2.2 billion people in the world (OECD, 3). Internet users often decide on which internet service to use; and most of these services are available locally, in every country, but they can allow an individual to view and read what is happening globally. The internet has proved to be a useful part of communication that no citizen and the country as a whole can survive without it. This is the sole reason as to why internet access has been made free and easily available in most nations. In reference to this, the paper highlights the aspects and relevance of free internet access in a nation.

The relevance of free internet access
The right to internet access states that all individuals should have free access to the internet without inhibition from the authority. This provision is linked to the freedom of expression and opinion. Many nations recognize this right as mandatory laws in their jurisdiction (Gattiker, 30). This right ensures that every citizen has the privilege of accessing the internet and using it for their good and the good of the nation as a whole. Free or affordable internet access is crucial for the success of companies in a country. Organisations often need to communicate with their clients, workers and related companies in the world (Gattiker, 31). Accessibility to the internet makes this communication very easy and this saves such companies and the country a lot of funds. In addition to this, companies such as banks require the internet so as to be adept in matters of foreign currencies. In the business world, the internet is crucial as it helps in preventing unfair pricing, stimulating healthy competition and it promotes innovation among business individuals (Trannos, 35).
The internet is a great asset in cultural exchange all over the world. Individuals often communicate through social sites such as twitter. This communication entails sharing information about how different processes are carried out globally and even the political state of different nations. This communication links people, as it connects individuals who never thought they would have the opportunity to learn about processes in other countries of the globe. Cultural exchange is fundamental to citizens as it allows them to be innovative and come up with new ideas that can change the country and therefore bring many profits to the nation (Karagiannis, 3). In relation to this, one can state that the internet increases the exposure of people to the outside world. When an employer, friends or even relatives want to search for a particular person, they simply search from the internet. This exposure is vital since it helps in identifying individuals who may be out to hurt others or even identifying long lost friends and relatives (Joel & Staff, 2).
The internet is also a useful tool in academic research. All over the world, students and their teachers turn to internet sites to search for useful information that will ensure academic excellence. The internet provides variety of information on one subject that students and teachers can both retrieve and apply it in their studies. The internet is not only important to students and teachers, it is also important to other citizens who may want to acquire ample information on several aspect of life. The teaching and learning process has now been now been adopted and students and their teachers use the internet to learn. This is called online learning. This saves a lot of time and energy since students do not have to meet their teachers face to face in order to learn. The importance of the internet is beyond matters to do with academic research or success in business. The internet has proved to be a day to day instrument that all individuals require in order to survive (Karagiannis, 2).
The internet also reduces the extent to which individuals use phones, postage and express mail. The fact that the internet makes information accessible means that there is no much need to use phone calls or send mail so that this information can reach the desired end. Work staff can work well and reduce the time they spend making phone calls or sending letters to customers. The internet also provides means in which people can make their voice heard in the outside world. The use of social sites and the formation of blogs is a great way for one to raise their opinion. Most of these opinions are not ignored by other internet users who pick them and reply to them or share them out to their friends (Karagiannis, 3).
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Aspects influencing free internet access
Free internet access appears to be a simple affair that all individuals should be involved with. However, free internet access is not as simple as most individuals may think. This is because of the fact that in order to make free internet accessible to individuals, there is complicated equipment and systems that individuals use to maintain the internet make-up so as to allow end users to use the internet resourcefully. Labor that is related to the internet is quite expensive and internet specialists may shy away from providing free internet because they may not have funds with which to pay for this labor. This is to say that the government is obliged to pay for these services. This in turn means that it is the people who are paying for these services simply because it is their tax money that is given to internet providers. Free internet access is therefore not a light affair. In my opinion, the fact that the government pays for internet access is cheap and fair since it would prove a bit expensive for every citizen to pay for these services (Joel & Staff, 3).
The growth in the use of the internet over the years has greatly revolutionized the existence of individuals in their homes and at their places of work. The benefits of the internet to the entire civilisation have been profitable. Individuals use the internet on a daily basis to send e-mail messages, pictures and to post their opinions on different blogs. As a result of this, governments have taken the advantage and have begun taxing citizens unfairly. This fact has elicited a lot of controversies which may not end as long as individuals are still using the internet. Maintaining and transmitting the internet is a heavy task, just like all the other tasks in the globe. Just like the acquisition of other different tasks requires funds for them to be implemented, the internet is not different (Joel & Staff, 3).
The internet plays a fundamental role on the lives of all individuals. It helps corporations to keep updated with global economic trends. Apart from that, the internet is a key ingredient in communication as well as in academic research. The internet also provides means in which individuals can raise their opinion and be heard by entire populations in the globe. It is therefore inevitable to do away with the internet as it is a key component in modern ways of communicating and doing other works. At the same time, is also vital to understand that internet providers use a lot of manpower and they cannot provide free internet access since they have to pay for the efforts of their workers. Due to this, it is significant for the government to device ways which should ensure that there is free internet accessible to citizens. The government should negotiate amicably with internet providers so that even if citizens may have to pay for the internet, they should do this at minimal rates.

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