College admission essay format example

Survey shows that almost all the world leading colleges and universities require all the admission applicants to submit application essays prior to their admission. The college admission essay is one the mandatory application requirement without which an applicant cannot even be short listed for an admission interview. according to U.S. Bureaus of Statistics, application essays account to 60% of the total score on all the applicants therefore any applicant who accidentally or deliberately fail to submit their application essays are bound to flop in their hopes of securing admission in their preferred colleges.
With every passing year, the growing number of applicants wishes that that their preferred college would scrap off admission essay as a requirement for the admission application but colleges still hold onto their guns. The latest interview carried out in the United States of American amongst college applicants made a stunning revelation that approximately 70% of the college applicants were strongly opposed to the admission essay as a requirement for college admission.
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On the other hand, only 30% appreciated the use of admission essays although a section of them also recommended that application essays should be made a matter of the applicant’s choice.
No matter the stand taken by the applicants in regard to whether the application essays should be scrapped off as an admission application requirement or not, college admission essay format example plays a very big role in the entire admission process. They assess the applicants’ writing ability and reveal much about the individual applicant’s character and personality thus, could not be scrapped off as many would desire no matter the magnitude of the pressure being mounted to have it removed.

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